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Hi everyone!

We hope you are all managing in these challenging times. It’s certainly a juggle, isn’t it??!! …..home school, home gym, home bakers, all amongst juggling ideas for businesses or keeping existing businesses going. To cope you need to set your MIND 🧠 on the right path. You will need it set to GROWTH mode in these challenging times and focus. Think about the positive aspects to where you are currently and use this time to regroup and rethink. Why not use this time to SKILL UP. We have outlined some FREE courses you can take advantage of later in this newsletter. There is also the latest news on JOB KEEPER. Read on.


Ellie is running a BOOK SLAM session (where she reads a book and highlights the best actionable advice for clients) this will take place on the 8 May between 11-1 pm. The book is called MINDSET – Changing the way you think, by Dr. Carol S Dweck. Here is a taster from Ellie about how to move from a FIXED mindset to a GROWTH mindset:

  1. 👍 Create a new compelling belief: a belief in yourself, in your own skills and abilities, and in your capacity for positive change.
  2. 🔅 View failure in a different light: see failure as an opportunity to learn from your experiences and apply what you have learned next time around.
  3. Cultivate your self-awareness; work on becoming more aware of your talents, strengths, and weaknesses; gather feedback from those who know you best and put it together for a comprehensive view of yourself.
  4. 📝 Be curious and commit to lifelong learning: try to adopt the attitude of a child, looking at the world around you with awe and wonderment; ask questions and truly listen to the answers.
  5. 👫 Get friendly with challenges: know that if you mean to accomplish anything worthwhile, you will face many challenges on your journey; prepare yourself for facing these challenges, and for failing sometimes.
  6. ❤️ Do what you love and love what you do: it’s much easier to succeed when you are passionate about what you’re doing; whether you cultivate a love for what you already do or focus on doing what you already love, developing passion is important.
  7. 👊 Be tenacious: it takes a lot of hard work to succeed (Einstein did not just put his feet up after he discovered the theory of relativity) —you must be tenacious, weathering obstacles and getting back up after each time you fall.
  8. 👏 Inspire and be inspired by others: it can be tempting to envy others when they succeed, especially if they go farther than you, but it will not help you to succeed; commit to being an inspiration to others and use the success of others to get inspiration as well

Don’t forget, Build Grow Run is fully open and you can book an hour consultancy slot anytime.


Cancellations for our coaching sessions have definitely become more prevalent in the last three weeks. We know many of you are in “juggle” mode, we understand that, but if you cancel with little notice, it’s one business that we can’t help or may have turned down to accommodate you. This is a FREE service and in the current climate, some businesses are in dire need of support from us so it’s really important to stick to your commitments and goals. We would ask that cancellations are not acceptable unless they are a full 48 hours in advance of the appointment. That will give us time to reschedule someone else into your slot. Thank you for understanding 💐

Ellie and Phil

📱 Ellie – 0475 841 664
👊 Phil – 0412 667 864

Register for Book Slam 2 here


Marketing 101 – Ellie is running this one

Time: 10am – 12 pm

Date: 29 April 2020

On overview of what marketing is, the fundamentals of marketing, the channels that can be used and the basics of what’s needed for a marketing strategy.

Who should attend?

People with no or little understanding of marketing. This is aimed very much at the beginner. Gives an overview of what marketing is, the channels to use and top tips per channel. Delivered via Zoom.

Register for Marketing 101 here

Fee-free short courses – TAFE

Each fee-free* short course requires various levels of commitment and time to complete the modules in a suitable timeframe. There is a limit of 2 courses per person. Range of courses includes (but is not limited to):

  • eMarketing for Small Business
  • Engaging Customers Using Social Media
  • Building Websites for Small Business
  • Writing and Presentation Skills

Learn more about Fee Free short courses here

Women in Business

Women in Business is an NSW Government and TAFE NSW initiative that offers a fully subsidised online program for women who are looking to establish a micro-business, a small business, or who are already operating a business. It covers areas such as:

  • Keep your balance: work and life
  • Doing business in Australia
  • Are you business ready?
  • Planning for success
  • Setting up your office or workspace
  • Cash flow – know your numbers
  • Introduction to social media
  • Marketing your business: Essentials
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • The value of mentorship

Learn more about Women in Business

Check out NORTEC’s online webinars and courses

Everything from a Digital Marketing Bootcamp, to the Magic of Email Marketing.

Learn more about Nortec’s webinars and courses.


DOGSHARE – The dog lovers networking website Dogshare has a “helper” service which allows members of the community that don’t own a dog to offer up their dog walking, cuddling and socialising services to others. The site has been inundated with volunteer applications and has even had to waitlist the new applications around the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney as the demand to help outstrips the need. P.S From Ellie and Phil, we are dog people and how cute is this dog???

BELLISH – Knitting app Bellish, which helps knitters create their own knitting patterns, only launched six weeks ago. But as Aussies embrace hobbies during isolation, the new app has exploded, racking up 30,000 downloads already.

ELEGANT MEDIA – Apps and software solutions firm Elegant Media has soared by a whopping 180 per cent – nearly double – since the pandemic hit. That’s because there’s an increased demand for home delivery apps, food delivery apps, fitness at home apps and sell online apps.

UKULELE MATE – Online ukulele store Ukulele Mate is up 700 per cent since March 17, which the owners describe as a “crazy” achievement.The company started as a one-man operation in 2013 but now it’s on track to do 1.4 million in sales this year and has become a family business run from Swan Hill in Victoria. The company has also always offered a free, 30-minute Skype ukulele lesson with teacher Jeff, which is particularly in demand at the moment, with the ukulele recently becoming the most popular instrument in Australia.

HANDY DESK – Handy Desk was born after co-founder Jonathan Lawson’s wife called him to ask him to buy four new desks for their four kids for the upcoming homeschooling term last week. But he didn’t want to buy cheap, short-term furniture that would end up in landfill, so the industrial designer and his brother and business partner Luke devised an eco-friendly, easy to assemble, affordable cardboard desk option priced at $45. They’ve sold 100 desks in just one fortnight and business is booming.


SnackNation began as a service that delivered snacks to workplaces but found its business model quickly interrupted by nonessential business closures. The company quickly pivoted its high-touch, person-to-person snack delivery service and now offers “Work-From-Home Wellness Boxes.” Its member companies can now send healthy, tasty snacks to all of their employees, maintaining—and even boosting—employee morale during a tough time and extending their corporate culture.

“Our pivot was a matter of tracking in real-time what our core customers were experiencing, and then asking the question, ‘What challenges are they facing right now that we can solve?’” says Sean Kelly, the company’s CEO and cofounder. Now, for every box sold, SnackNation donates one meal to families in need, in partnership with Feeding America, and it is also donating 500,000 snacks to food banks. SnackNation members also can opt to have their in-office snacks donated to local food banks.


Learning is always a good thing, and now is the best time to learn new skills. 

There’s no wrong way to learn, so you can find a method that suits your learning style best. Attend online workshops or conferences, take live lessons via video, sign up for an online course, or watch a webinar. Find something to challenge yourself, boost your career, or just pass the time.

Why now? Because you’ll be bettering yourself and fostering personal growth and development. You’ll also be taking advantage of a less than ideal situation by doing something positive for yourself.

It reduces boredom 💤

There’s only so much time you can spend staring at your phone or watching TV. Rather than streaming yet another series, take that time to learn a new skill instead.

It’s a welcome distraction 👀

With everything going on in the world right now, any and all distractions are welcome. Learning a new skill occupies your mind and helps you focus on something positive. It’s a way to escape the never-ending news and social media cycle and do something positive.

It helps keep you motivated 👊

Learning a new skill becomes a source of great accomplishment, and the feeling of accomplishing something is one of the best motivators. You’ll need to put in consistent work to learn effectively, which is motivating in itself. The closer you get to mastery, the more motivated you’ll be to continue. Once you’ve mastered one skill, keep that momentum going and learn something else.

Take advantage of the extra time you have now and make the most of it. Try a new skill that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Learn something that you’ve always wanted to. If you don’t do it now, you might not have the chance again later.


Here is also a link to details on how to register for the business portal if you haven’t already:
Jobkeeper payment 

From 20 April 2020 employers (or your registered tax professional) can enrol for the JobKeeper payment:

✅ Step 1 – Register your interest and subscribe for JobKeeper payment updates.

✅ Step 2 – Check you and your employees meet the eligibility requirements.

Step 3 – Continue to pay at least $1,500 to each eligible employee per JobKeeper fortnight (the first JobKeeper fortnight is the period from 30 March to 12 April).

Step 4 – Notify your eligible employees that you are intending to claim the JobKeeper payment on their behalf and check they aren’t claiming JobKeeper payment through another employer or have nominated through another business.

Step 5 – Send the JobKeeper employee nomination notice to your nominated employees to complete and return to you by the end of April if you plan to claim JobKeeper payment for April. Keep it on file and provide a copy to your registered tax agent if you are using one.

Step 6 – From 20 April 2020, you can enrol with ATO for the JobKeeper payment using the Business Portal and authenticate with myGovID. You must do this by the end of April to claim JobKeeper payments for April.

Step 7 – In the online form, provide your bank details and indicate if you are claiming an entitlement based on business participation, for example, if you are a sole trader.

Step 8 – Specify the estimated number of employees who will be eligible for the first JobKeeper fortnight (30 March – 12 April) and the second JobKeeper fortnight (13 April – 26 April).

From 4 May onwards you (or your registered tax agent) will be able to apply for the JobKeeper payment for your eligible employees.

Step 1 – Apply to claim the JobKeeper payment by logging in to the ATO Business Portal

Step 2 – Ensure you have paid each eligible employee a minimum of $1,500 per JobKeeper fortnight before tax.

Step 3 – Identify your eligible employees in the application form by selecting employee details that are prefilled from your STP pay reports if you report payroll information through an STP enabled payroll solution, or

– manually entering employee details in ATO online services or the Business Portal if you do not use an STP enabled payroll solution, or

– using a registered tax agent who will submit a report on your behalf through Online services for agents.

Step 4 – Submit the confirmation of your eligible employees online and wait for the confirmation screen.

Step 5 – Notify the eligible employees you have nominated them.

Step 6 – We will pay you the JobKeeper payment for all eligible employees after receiving your application.

Step 7 – Each month, you will need to reconfirm that your reported eligible employees have not changed through ATO online services, the Business Portal or via your registered tax agent. This will ensure you will continue to receive the JobKeeper payments from us. You do not need to retest your reported fall in turnover, but you will need to provide some information as to your current and projected turnover. This will be done in your monthly JobKeeper Declaration report.

Step 8 – If your eligible employees change or leave your employment, you will need to notify us through your monthly JobKeeper Declaration report.
If you use the ATO Business Portal, you will need a myGovID linked to your ABN in relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). You can find out how to set this up Here 


Three Ways to Self Meditate from our client Emily Toner.  Mindfulness and Wellbeing Consultant 

  1. Three breaths. As soon as you wake in the morning take three conscious breaths. Come to your senses and allow yourself to feel into your skin. Set an intention of how you would like to feel for the rest of the day and tap into the feeling right then and there.
  2. Mindful cuppa. Take some time to make yourself your favourite tea or drink in your favourite cup and sit down somewhere comfy. Spending the first minute just enjoying drinking with no distractions.
  3. Dance break. Clear a space and put on a track that reflects your current mood. Move your body to the music in whatever way feels good like no-one’s watching. Have fun and let go. If you have kids or pets around, get them involved too!

Emily Toner
m.  0401 995 554
e.   emily@emilytoner.com
w.  www.emilytoner.com