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You may have been in business for a decade or more, or new to business. Do you know where are you going? What’s your model? Who’s your target market? So often we meet people who don’t know the answer to these questions.

You have to have a plan for your business. Setting out a business plan gives you room to pivot in the future and lets you refer back to the plan in case anything ever needs to be tweaked, and also helps you become more aware of things like cashflow. ACTION ➡ Speak to us about business planning.

You aren’t alone…….. Why make all these mistakes and waste all this time, money and energy, if you can avoid that by actually finding someone who can guide you and share their learning???

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Ellie and Phil


Welcome to our new clients ……a writer developing a new course series, a food business and four individuals with new ideas for businesses.

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to:

⚡️ advice for a client working on a new branding look and feel and content planning for their website

⚡️ provided advice for a client around a re-launch post-COVID and their new retail outlet

⚡️ advised on goals for a yogi embarking on linking her offering with health and wellness services 🧘🏻‍♂️

🎧 Phil also has two clients on his Byron Business, People & Lifestyle  🎧 radio program coming up TODAY!!!

  • State of the art assessment and neuromodulation methods for optimisation of brain functioning from Nerida Saunders, Psychologist and Business owner Brain Care, Tweed Heads. No two brains are alike and they believe ‘if you train your brain, you can change your life!’ 🧠
  • Coming up… on the 30th June is Veronica Lovejoy, entrepreneur & business owner International School of Music, Alstonville and now Ballina 🎻

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“Thanks so much for your reply email on my first newsletter and your support on getting this happening.”

Kerry Louise Brown is running her first 7-week “Empowerment in Peri/MENOPAUSE journey”.

Places on sale from TODAY Tues 23 June @ 7 pm AEST. 

The 7-week journey begins on Tues 7th July @7pm AEST.

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Good consistent branding is key in website design, this is not just about the logo, it’s about the element of branding around your own brand values – are you clear what these are? Take a look at an Apple site and you know that it stands for sleek design, elegance etc Questions for you — are you telling the right story about your brand on your website?

🌼 White space – There needs to be a good use of white space… you need a decent line-height in the headline and a slightly reduced line-height for the body copy. Then there’s some extra space between the body copy and the call to action (CTA).

️Reduce the choices – Reduce the number of choices you offer your visitors. Hick’s Law (you can look this up) states that, as you increase the number of options you offer someone, the decision time increases as well. It’s often referred to as “analysis paralysis.”. When faced with a lot of choice users get confused. What are you asking the visitor to do? Maybe present just one product? Apple follows that approach, even though it makes many more products than the iPhone.

⅓ Apply the rule of thirds – The rule of thirds has long applied to fine art and photography, but it also applies to web design. When designing your site, use an overlay with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines evenly spaced:

The green dots are points at which the eye naturally drifts when looking at a scene, whether it’s a landscape photograph or a web page. Knowing this, you can put your CTAs and other important elements on those dots. Just make sure the rest of your web design flows naturally around those elements.

👱🏽Incorporate human faces – A human face elicits emotional responses, triggering an individual to feel something, be it empathy, happiness, excitement and the like. We’re programmed to read human faces, whether we see someone in person or view a photograph on a website. Expressions can influence how we feel about something. You can use photographs of people to tell people where to look. If you have a photo of someone looking at your headline or CTA, for instance, your website visitors will feel compelled to look, too.


Check out NORTEC’s workshops here. Some have a minimal charge.

Check out Business Connect for workshops on SEO basics, Getting ready to work with NDIS, How to profit for business success and more.

CORONAVIRUS BUSINESS SUPPORT – business.gov.au and ☎️ 13 28 46 ☎️ If your business has been affected by the coronavirus, AusIndustry have a team of dedicated customer representatives who can help on 13 28 46. The dedicated team will be available to assist you with extended hours between 7am – 9pm across Australia, Monday to Sunday.  Information about the support available to business can also be accessed at business.gov.au which is being continuously updated as new information becomes available.