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🤚 $3,000 up for grabs 🤚 be quick! Read on to find out how


We are back in person! This week from the 8th July, we are in HABITAT but in a dedicated NEW office space. This is to make our service COVID ready.

Find us at 32 Fullerton Lane – HABITAT, Byron Bay 2481. Right next to Subpod (go to our web site for directions, www.buildgrowrun.com.au/contact-us ).

In this issue:

  • Apply for a $3,000 grant 
  • Our coaching support snapshot
  • Sign up for THIS FRIDAY’S BOOK SLAM (10th July) Book – “Sell Like Crazy” and MAUS Business Planning webinars (29th July)

☝️ Book your advice session ☝️

Build Grow Run is a no-cost advice service. Offering:

  • Accountability
  • Support/sounding board
  • Feedback
  • Free training and advice


The new Small Business Recovery Grant for up to $3,000 is now open for applications to help you rebuild your business.

You can use it to cover:

  • marketing and advertising expenses
  • fit-out changes
  • staff training expenses to work in a COVID Safe way
  • digital solutions (for example, e-commerce or business websites).

Applications close 11:59pm Sunday 16 August 2020

Apply here


Welcome to our new clients ……the ≋ PANAMUNA PROJECT≋ Creators of eco-friendly surfwear, a writer developing a new series of writing courses delivered by journalists – The Word Gallery, a documentary filmmaker exploring the world of children with a documentary called On the Shoulder of Giants. A social impact documentary that explores practical solutions to concerns about young peoples’ wellbeing. They have also developed an app called i-value, aimed at developing a kind of ‘corporate scorecard’ for families. Using the power of creating and sharing values to enhance family and young peoples wellbeing and resilience.

Here is a snapshot of the range of the guidance, support and advice we have given;

🌼 Decision making support for a client looking to relaunch into the retail space with a new unique line

👎🏼 Support for a client making a difficult decision on not stocking certain ranges and changing her focus

🙌 Provided advice for a young guy wanting to develop his own menswear label

🌼 Provided support and sounding board for an executive coach developing his practice in the Byron Shire

🐂 Business planning advice for a client in the farming space, thinking of recruiting a new office manager 

🎧 Phil also has one of our clients on his Byron Business, People & Lifestyle  🎧 radio program coming up TODAY!!! 🎞 Oren Sielder is a brand story videographer whose experience is setting her on a new path to creating purpose-driven films for businesses.

☝️ R E M E M B E R ☝️

Our advice is confidential, actionable and geared towards making you succeed in your ambitions. We can help you with all kinds of answers to these types of questions:

  • I have an idea for a business, how do I know if it will work?
  • How do I understand my customer?
  • How do I prepare a business plan?
  • How do I market my business? 
  • How do I tell my story?
  • How can I finance my business?

❤️ We love hearing things like this from our clients. Keep them coming! This from Wendy Champagne,

“I have to admit I feel as if I have a little engine fired up inside me at present – in relation to work – which in great part is due to your guidance and the sketches you made indicating the creative and financial pathways forward for my skillset.” ❤️


I’ll explain the Godfather pic later below…

Yes, you guessed it, it’s time for Ellie to read a business book and save you the hard work. I extract all the good bits and tell you them, then you can use the advice in your business. 🍋 Easy Peasy lemon squeezy🍋. What Sell Like Crazy, author Sabri Suby gives in this book are suggestions that will help your potential customer have trust in you.

How to:

  • 🛍 Target potential customers who are not looking to buy right now as well
  • Fully understand potential customers reservations
  • 🧠 How to educate their fears and needs with this knowledge
  • ♱ Give an offer that will challenge you to work your best (AKA “The Godfather offer”)
  • 🌼 Call/Contact them and be like a doctor — listen and then prescribe your solution/service

The book gives specifics on each of these stages; tips on where to get information and key steps to complete them. Fancy coming on board?

Come and join me 10 JULY at 11am for an hour on ZOOM

Book my spot …click here!


Learn How to Use MAUS Masterplan in a Webinar

Wednesday, July 29 2020 – 10am to 12noon


Turn your vision into reality. Often, we have a series of ‘snapshot pictures’ in our head of what our business will look like, however, to turn these ‘happy snaps’ into reality we all need a plan…

  • Identify your key product/s and or service/s
  • Identify your key competitors, and 
  • Identify your target market and audience/s…and then
  • Develop a PLAN of ACTION

If you need to write a business plan, whether it be for gaining finance, complying with requirements, or to spend some time working on your business (rather than in it), this is the webinar for you.

MAUS MasterPlan LEAN will save you 50-90% of the time and give you the best chance of successfully creating a highly professional business or marketing plan tailored to your business. 

Phi Daly, from Build Grow Run, has been working with start-ups and experienced business owners for over 20 years, he will take you step by step through how to put a Business Plan in place.

The MAUS MasterPlan business planning software is more advanced than a set of templates that you modify. It is a premium technology platform that works in the background to automate and calculate as much as possible for you;

  • It has automated budget calculations, which is in turn placed throughout the document as financial graphs and tables.
  • Phil will expertly guide you through each step of the “write your plan” process, which ultimately compiles into a complete plan with a click of a button. This plan can then be edited further in Microsoft Word.
  • Milestones can be flagged and added into a ‘milestone deadline project’ on the fly. Add your milestones as they pop into your head with a click of a button, so you don’t forget anything important!

What this gives you, is a very insightful and impressive business plan and/or marketing plan, that will take LESS of your precious time to create. Even better, it will be a plan that has an accurate pathway forward to improving your business. MAUS MasterPlan is an award-winning business planning software, supported by Entrepreneurship Facilitators – Richmond Tweed Headswww.buildgrowrun.com.au that has been mastered by over 20 years of ongoing development and is created by acclaimed author and winner of the 1999 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Peter Hickey.

Check out NORTEC’s workshops here. Some have a minimal charge.

Check out Business Connect for workshops .

CORONAVIRUS BUSINESS SUPPORT – business.gov.au and ️ 13 28 46 ️ If your business has been affected by the coronavirus, AusIndustry have a team of dedicated customer representatives who can help on 13 28 46. The dedicated team will be available to assist you with extended hours between 7am – 9pm across Australia, Monday to Sunday.  Information about the support available to business can also be accessed at business.gov.au which is being continuously updated as new information becomes available.