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Create A Business Plan in Half the Time!


Wednesday 29th July, 10am – 12pm

Phil will help you:

  • Create a vision for your business
  • Help you identify your key product/s and or service/s
  • Identify your key competitors
  • Find your target market and audience/s
  • Develop a PLAN of ACTION

If you need to write a business plan, whether it be for gaining finance, or to spend some time working on your business (rather than in it), this is the webinar for you. 

**MAUS MasterPlan LEAN gives you the best chance of successfully creating a highly professional business or marketing plan tailored to your business. This is offered free to our clients. 

Phil Daly, from Build Grow Run, has been working with start-ups and experienced business owners for over 20 years, he will step you through how to put a Business Plan in place.

The MAUS MasterPlan business planning software is a premium technology platform that works in the background to automate and calculate as much as possible for you;

  • It has automated budget calculations, which is in turn placed throughout the document as financial graphs and tables.
  • Phil will expertly guide through each step of the “write your plan” process, which ultimately compiles into a complete plan with a click of a button. This plan can then be edited further in Microsoft Word.
  • Milestones can be flagged and added into a ‘milestone deadline project’ on the fly. Add your milestones as they pop into your head with a click of a button, so you don’t forget anything important!

The result – a very insightful and impressive business plan, that will take LESS of your precious time to create.

Your plan will have an accurate pathway to improve your business.

** MAUS MasterPlan is an award-winning business planning software, supported by Entrepreneurship Facilitators – Richmond Tweed Heads that has been mastered by over 20 years of ongoing development and is created by acclaimed author and winner of the 1999 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Peter Hickey.