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  • Businesses to start during COVID
  • NEW! Limited Coaching Program Expressions of Interest (EOI) now open
  • New clients and our advice snapshot

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Ellie and Phil


The current economic downturn provides an opportunity for new start-ups to emerge and capitalize on the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to data compiled by ad-tech company Taboola, home improvement, gaming and pet products, among others, have all seen a surge in interest while most of the economy falters.

Home improvement: 140% growth in consumer interest 

The combination of empty grocery store aisles has driven many people to garden and raise livestock, increasing self-sustainability.

Businesses selling the materials to support them are thriving.

The entire home and garden category has seen a 140% increase in page views in the last month (in the US). Consumers are specifically interested in gardening and plumbing, which has seen a 245% increase.

Pet products: 50% growth in consumer interest

Lockdown has been an opportunity for animal shelters, who have urged people to adopt while home—and it’s working. New Yorkers have adopted 10x more pets than usual and Los Angeles has seen a 70% increase in adoptions from shelters.  Over the past month, we’ve seen a 50% increase in pageviews related to pets.

Home beauty products: 36% growth in consumer interest

Consumers are getting more comfortable with performing their own haircare and skincare routines.

At-home beauty and wellness, alternatives are currently experiencing double-digit growth, a trend that we’ll see impact the beauty industry permanently. It’s not an entirely female phenomenon. Hair clipper sales have soared 200% and more and more men are more likely to shave their heads in quarantine.


Expression of Interest – Build Grow Run – VIP Business Coaching program, to be conducted September to December 2020

Would you like to take your business to the next level? Business Coaching is a powerful process of learning, growth and development.

It is a collaborative relationship between a coach and their client, which enables, through a process of discovery, goal-setting and strategic actions, the actualisation of what they most want in their business and their lives.

Having a business coach is like having your own personal fitness trainer. The coach works with you to design a personal development program. We will help you set and reach higher and more appropriate goals, ask more of you then you would have done yourself and keep you focused and on track during the highs and lows, in order to produce results faster and with deeper understanding.

This is a new program in 2020 for Build Grow Run and is limited to just six entrepreneurs who are current clients

Build Grow Run Business Coaches comprehensively assess businesses to recognise their core strength and growth challenges.

Based on the Expression of Interest, we will work with the selected six entrepreneurs, between September and December 2020, to formulate a plan or strategy, set targets and identify the steps required to achieve the desired results.

A great business coach challenges the status quo, questions business decisions and prompts businesses to take a closer look at their approach. This way, we will bring in a fresh perspective to the business strategy and goals of your business. Rather than simply questioning how things are run at a business, our coaching guides the business and the entrepreneur to adopt appropriate growth strategies.

Email for an Expression of Interest form NOW, and complete and return the form by Friday, August 14th 2020.



🌼 Welcome to our new clients ……a women’s coach and counsellor Brigit Earl specialising in the over 45 women and helping them find their purpose, a business called The Cork Shop – [Cork Echinida featured] a new shop in Byron Bay, a T-shirt business for the good of the ocean and planet The Pananuma Project and five individuals with new ideas for businesses. Welcome one and all ❤️

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to:

🙌 advice for an author on their ideal customer avatar 
🌟 content brainstorming for a client newsletter 
✨ advised on marketing planning goals for a business embarking on linking theming their content for clients and setting marketing goals

🎧 This is who Phil has on his Byron Business, People & Lifestyle  🎧 radio program coming up TODAY!!!
At 11.08am    …..

  • New details on applying for JobKeeper 2.0 revealed, thanks to, My Business Magazine
  • Almost all Aussies to commit mobile wallets post-COVID

Regular monthly guest, 1st Tuesday of the month, Clinical Nutritionist and Author, ‘Love Your Gut’  – Sally Joseph – ‘Your Brain on Gluten – How Gluten can Impact your Mood and Neurological Function’ – 12.10 pm

Kimberely Joseph and Georgina Josephson run a business called Common Thread style. Their interior decor styling business works with both homeowners and commercial property owners. They came to Build Grow Run for inspiration about how to tell their story and we ran a session for them.

This is what they told us:

“The session was just what our business needed. We have been working on a slight pivot of the business to match the demands of people searching for unique homewares. To nail our story and to think about the words we use and the way we sell ourselves has been at the forefront of our minds but we haven’t actually sat down to work on it. We have now!”

Thanks ladies!

Check out their beautiful homewares including a range of bespoke candles and cushions.