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In this Sept issue:

  • Did You Know – content trends 
  • New clients and our advice snapshot
  • Four tips to stay OK…mental health wellness 

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Did you know?

  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views
  • Today’s consumers are attracted to images, so businesses must integrate visuals with written content
  • 82% Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2021
  • The Average Consumer Attention Span Is 8 Seconds
  • Millennials Are Projected To Account For Nearly 1/3rd Of All U.S. Retail Sales By 2020

Did you know we help with the following:

✅  Messaging check-in – are you telling your message effectively?

✅  Sales support and advice

✅  Help in acting as a sounding board for your strategy and approach

✅  Support to build your confidence in telling your story across all media


COVID has thrown us all a curveball and you’re your mental health might be a challenge. That’s why we are making mental health wellbeing your priority this week in the run-up to R U OK DAY 10 Sept.

1. Mindfulness is different for everyone 🌼

Pay attention to the present moment. Daily mindful practice has numerous benefits. Decreased stress, increased focus and an ability to make better decisions. Or just note when your thoughts are getting carried bring yourself back to the present moment.

2. An attitude of gratitude

Take stock of what you can be thankful and keep things in perspective when daily challenges arise. I write down three things, just simple words. Acknowledge what you are grateful for.

3. Stop and breathe 🤚

If you feel overwhelmed or anxious, just breathe deeply for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and let go of your thoughts.

4. Be okay with imperfect 🧩

We know many of you have built your businesses with heart, and as a labour of love… But your perfectionism may be holding you back. When you start to feel like you could have done better – explore and commend yourself for the progress you have made and what is going right and moving you forward. Look for the right and good and not the “not good enough”

5. Be kind to yourself 🤗

It’s hard, we are all struggling financially, children are being curtailed, or homeschooled, we feel trapped and confined everyone is grappling with this in some way. Be kind to yourself and to your business. Give yourself permission to take your time to get back to things. To figure out what the new normal is.  It’s ok, and time will help heal. Just be patient.

You aren’t on your own.


Galah is a new start up that we are working with… watch this space.  Meet Cecile Peille:

“I am a start-up business. I am an engineer by profession, but I am turning this planning and design knowledge into something very, very different. After really understanding my business, Ellie has worked with me to help steer a plan for my launch. We set some realistic goals and targets and I feel like I am getting practical and actionable knowledge, that I can use in my launch strategy. Ellie also gave me some great insights into my business plan.  I have had lots of advice before, but it’s never been that practical and actionable. I have found support for my messaging, brand and vision and we are formulating a realistic plan as to how to launch my business. It’s reassuring to think I am not on my own anymore.  Look, I love being a wild business owner, freedom is my middle name, but power is nothing without the strength of knowledge behind it. I feel like Ellie has the knowledge and is helping me be an even wilder, (but slightly tamed) business leader. Watch this space for the launch of Galah.”


🤜 Welcome to our new clients ……a new business person with an idea for a specialised tour, a disability support service entrepreneur, a preventative health specialist who is looking at a new workshop series. Sorry, we can’t link or name them here, but as you all know, some of our service detail is confidential. 👏🏼

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to:

❤️ weekly status and accountability catch up with one client readying themselves for launch (we are excited about this one!)

🙌 advice for a kinesiology business wanting to add consistency to their client base 

✨ advised on branding and naming strategies for a business just starting out

support for a client building out an influencer strategy 

🎧 This is who Phil has on his Byron Business, People & Lifestyle  🎧 radio program coming up TODAY!!! Listen out for Ellie who is talking about what trends she is seeing from our clients in consultations.


The federal government has broadened its mental health and wellbeing service capabilities for small businesses by launching a dedicated digital hub.

As part of the government’s $3.1 million Ahead for Business initiative and hosted by mental health organisation Everymind, the digital hub offers small and family businesses resources including articles, videos, podcasts and toolkits. Users of the hub will also be able to access anonymous peer-to-peer forums, and an online wellbeing plan is among the range of supports available.

Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business Michaelia Cash said while the financial assistance the government had provided was essential, it was imperative to also provide mental health and wellbeing support for those working in small businesses.

“Being a small-business owner comes with a unique set of pressures and responsibilities such as isolation, financial stress and workload pressure,” Minister Cash said.

“We are also seeing the enormous impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having, with many small businesses forced to close their doors and facing uncertainty about their future. Now, more than ever, we are reminded of how vital it is that we help small businesses manage their mental health. Providing access to trusted information in this difficult time is crucial.”

Everymind acting director, associate professor Carmel Loughland said the institute was proud to launch the new Ahead for Business digital hub.
“The Ahead for Business digital hub is part of a national strategy designed to support small-business owners in every setting and empower them to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing. A healthy mind supports a healthy business,” associate professor Loughland said.

“We want to encourage our small-business community to prioritise their mental health, and through tailored resources and check-ups, the Ahead for Business digital hub will empower those working in small businesses to achieve this.”
Businesses can access the Ahead for  Business hub, www.aheadforbusiness.org.au.