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6 Step Plan To Turn Your Idea into a Business

We have a unique chance to have an author of a book “The Man with the Plan” to help you find your entrepreneurial purpose.

Doctor Steve Enticott will step you through starting up a side-gig business with a purpose.

ZOOM taking place on

TUESDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 11 am – 12 pm

Few people are exceptionally talented at one thing.  We’re not all destined to play Wimbledon or to create the next ‘Google’.  However, for ALL of us, it is an absolute REALITY that success can always be found at the intersections of talents driven by purpose.

Everyone has a unique combination of talents.  This fresh and enlightened 6 Step approach may be all that you needed to unlock everything you knew you could be.

Entrepreneurial Success is NOT founded on a rare, singular talent. It’s in combinations of talents.

Ready for your entrepreneurial success? You need to find your purpose.

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Senators outraged as Google threatens to leave Australia

This weekend brought a lot of heated bluster from old media (and its political representatives) about Google’s supposed threat to democracy.
In Senate hearings on Friday, Google Australia head Mel Silva confirmed the company would pull the search engine from Australia if the federal government hurried ahead with its mandatory news bargaining code as currently drafted. This confirmed Crikey’s report the week earlier: the code, as is, means no Google search.

It gave Scott Morrison a Howard moment — “we’ll decide who searches Australia and the manner in which they search!” — as he huffed, “we don’t respond to threats”.

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“Enough is enough”: The businesses going further than an Australia Day boycott

“What if we make it a day of recognition and acknowledgement of our First Nations people, rather than just ignoring the issues,” she explains. “It’s been this increasing level of discomfort with it,” she explains.

“Actually, having a business is a really amazing opportunity to express your values, and to put your values into action in a way that is different to doing that personally.”


5 ways to set yourself up financially for 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses. Even if your company survived or did well through the tumult of the pandemic, planning ahead for 2021 and beyond won’t simply be a matter of looking at last year and making a few tweaks. The next couple of years will be different for all of us. And that means taking time to think about your plans.

We are at the halfway point in Australia’s financial year. This is the perfect time for small business owners to refocus their plans for the next six months and beyond.



We have had a busy start to the year with many many clients coming on board, but for now we wanted to give kudos to our existing clients for progressing on their goals Brooklet Springs opened a new retail outlet in Byron Bay called  ‘”The Locavore” – offering the best in season, local best food grown for planet and people, including produce from the their farm and products from some of their other friends (bread, pickles, flowers and more). The Locavore is  just by Woody’s where the old woolies was.

They are looking for people to join their team – Butcher, Meat Packer & Cleaner – FT, PT or C role email gg@brookletsprings.farm.

Also a massive STAND UP CLAP to Teen and Young Person Author, Tristan Bancks who has just launched StorySchool a  video online writing masterclass for kids age 10-14 with bestselling author, Tristan guiding you through the creative process of storytelling.

Once a Client Always A Client!

Just because we haven’t seen you for a while, that doesn’t ever stop you coming back to us. Our door is always open to you. You are always welcome to access our advice or join one of our workshops whenever you wish. So jump back through our door! We would love to see you again!  Refresh yourself with our latest e-book on the many ways that our clients have benefited from our advice and support. We would love to hear from you.

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