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BUILD my business

When you start your small business, you need certain resources to ensure its success.

Do you have these resources needed to start your business now?

We can help you refine your idea or, supporting you with ‘How to guides’ but you need to ask yourself some key questions.


Your business idea will drive everything. Is it really solving an issue or, enough of a unique selling point? It is your idea that sets you apart from your competitors, attracts customers and is your reason for existing. It’s a very important part of starting your business. If your business is not unique enough, or doesn’t have a clearly defined target audience you may well not succeed.

Business Plan

Do you have one? This is essential. A well-written business plan will also provide you with benchmarks so you can check your progress throughout the year. See the below information about the MAUS MasterPlan Lean software we use and the brochure in our Free Resources section.


What’s the best legal structure for your business. Will you be a sole proprietor, have a partnership or choose to incorporate? Investigate your options with a lawyer or an accountant. Financing decisions will be affected by the type of structure you choose. Once your business structure is finalised, you will be able to apply for the appropriate, tax identification numbers and other legal requirements.


Capital is money in the bank or money you can access. You will need a sufficient amount of money to pay expenses until your business becomes profitable. These funds may come from your own savings, friends and relatives, loans or private investor financing. For the majority of entrepreneurs, this money comes from themselves or friends and relatives.


Every business needs customers. They should be the lifeblood of your business; customers and their purchases will determine your ability to meet financial projections. If you are just getting started in business, know who will buy your product, where you can find them and how you will reach them. This market research will enable you to analyse the markets to target with your marketing and advertising tactics.


Lean product logo smallThe majority of entrepreneurs and business owners have an idea and often that is all….it’s a ‘snapshot’ of what is possible, however to be a business success requires more. We want to convert your idea into a vision and a plan for you and others.

To make this possible we endorse MAUS MasterPlan lean which is challenging the status quo of contemporary business planning. This latest cloud-based version uses a simple question and answer format to lead you through the entire planning process, producing stunning business plans, financials and accountability “to do” lists. This makes old style 60 page plans irrelevant for today’s business culture.

See the MasterPlan Lean SME product video here: https://vimeo.com/315609535

To get more information download the MAUS Materplan Lean product brochure below or on our Free Resources page.

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