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Business Needs Analysis Form

Please review this Business Needs Analysis that will assist the Entrepreneurship Facilitator to provide the best support and advice for your current situation.


It is important that you only select the areas you most need assistance with (up to 5 in total across all areas).

I am just starting out in setting up my new businessI have a business and want to grow itI have no idea where to start or what do, however, I have a great idea for a new business

I have a business idea that is only ‘an idea’ and want to make it happenI want to increase my business knowledge and skills to run my business more effectively, with operational and/or people managementI want to increase my income/revenue stream/s and be more profitableI want to work more ‘on’ my business rather than ‘in’ my business

I can clearly communicate my product or serviceI can’t clearly communicate my product or service and need helpI really understand my customersI really don’t understand my customers and need help researching themI have a clear understanding of how to reach my customerI have no idea as to how to reach my customerI need help defining a marketing strategy and planI have a marketing planI need help finding my customers and reaching themI am clear on the customer benefits of my product or serviceI am not clear on the customer benefits of my product or serviceI need help with sales strategiesI have sales trends dataI need advice on digital marketingI need advice on relationship marketing

I need to improve and develop high quality time and organisation skillsI need support with managing my Human Resources?I need support with developing Standard Operating Procedure/sI need to record and manage my management meetingsI need to manage my business risk and assessmentI need an affordable and easy to operate on-line bookkeeping systemI need to have control of my web site operations, including social media and publish updates regularly

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