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Your Stories

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This is where the businesses we help will tell their stories about how we have supported them. If you would like your business to be featured on this page, let us know!

“I read your post on Facebook and couldn’t believe how it was talking to me. I own a successful farm, but my business isn’t growing. I need to look at how I can diversity and sell my fresh meat products at markets and directly to consumers. I was able to get a meeting next week and am looking forward to the support.”
David Trevor Jones

Scene Setting
The Botanical Life Co. is owned and run by Rebecca Nelson, Rebecca manufactures a relatively new but well-developed range of non-palm oil, natural cleaning and body products. The business was established approx.12mths ago and is distributing online and to local retailers particularly lifestyle stores. Rebecca is a trained formulating chemist and manufacturers, bottles and distributes from her home office/studio. She decided to create her range to meet her own health needs, being asthmatic and had come to start her new business after 25 years in a Government role after she took redundancy. 
How did we help?
“Initially, the EFS contact suggested a pricing comparison exercise, to look at appropriate pricing for my range, with particular focus on my two best selling products (soap and foaming hand wash). This then led to further clarity on my positioning and unique selling proposition  This is particularly important to me as I want to broaden my reach and use an agency in Queensland.” 
“I am now working with my EFS contact on my business plan, exploring my channel strategy. Now I am clearer about my product offer and price points I can more focus on the ’sell’ for boutique hotels private holiday gift hamper market. I am really working on what makes my range different and unique and my own personal branding story around my product set. I am now developing my routes into these key markets.” – Rebecca Nelson 


Goldilocks Natural Bedding manufacturers natural bedding products made from natural filling, called Kapok*, a no nasties totally natural plant fibre. After Julie Emery (owner) noted the lack of a comfortable, natural, sustainable, vegan, affordable bedding on the Australian market she started her own business. There was a real gap in the market, with one supplier in the Australian market selling only one product. Julie now offers a complete natural bedding system, from mattresses doonas, to pillows, dog bedding and beyond.

*KAPOK eco-fiber has the smallest carbon footprint. The chemicals found in many mass-produced petro-chemical pillows & mattresses, include diisocyanates such as MDI & TDI, which may be harmful to your respiratory health, may irritate your skin and may even be carcinogenic. All of the products in the bedding system Goldilocks creates are free of chemical flame retardants, free of chemical adhesives and made with the highest-quality natural materials that require no processing & support the health and happiness of you, your family and the planet. Sleep well!



How the EFS role helped

“I had been a part of the NEIS program (The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme is a fully Government funded program available to anyone with a viable business idea) and had also had some assistance from other mentors. However, I came to EFS Richmond Tweed because I wanted to grow my businesses into the luxury eco accommodation are and they offered some sound actionable advice. They made me accountable and supported my business every step of the way.”

“I am now working with my EFS contact on building a target customer base, perfecting my pitch/ approach to these businesses and exploring a broader channel strategy. I really enjoy our meetings and feel I have strong ongoing support from someone who “gets me”, and my business. I think we genuinely enjoy our time together and it benefits my business to boot!”


  • A refined, clear customer target list that keeps me accountable
  • Clarity and confidence in promoting my business
  • Techniques for dealing with ‘no’ in the sales funnel
  • A plan on how to develop my business